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1. Basic information to list your organization in the directory

Name of your organization:

    Abbreviation (acronym) if any:

Contact person:

    Contact person's role in group (optional):


    Phone ( optional):

Web site address (URL), if any:

Mailing list address, if any:

Subscription procedure or requirements:

Office or mailing address, if any:

FAX #, if any:  

Natonal Affiliation or Organization:

State and/or Regional Affiliation or Organization:

2.   Additional information  about your group

Formal statement of goals or purpose (if available):

Approximate number of members or frequent participants:

Does the group have regular meetings?

      What are the regular meeting times, dates, and places?

To what extent does your group rely on internet based communications:

a. Not at all

b. Slight use of email

c. Depend on email for committee work

d. Regularly use email for contacting group

e. Maintain one or more email list services for the group

f. Use to organize meetings

g. Use a group blog on our web site

h. Use web based conferencing

i. Maintain web-based database for group activities

j. Other (please specify):

Major issues of concern to the group (please use a short phrase for each issue, e.g. "The war in Iraq," "Election Protection," "Health Care Costs"):

Major activities or accomplishments of group in last few years (this will give other groups an idea of your group's specific expertise and skills):

Major current activities, projects, and plans:

Which of the following capabilities are important to your group's plans and projects? Check those which
    apply and list others, as appropriate. Be especially sure to list capabilities that the group needs now!

        voter registration
        phone banking
        letter writing
        newsletter production
        web petitions
        organizing rallies or protest actions        
        organizing forums, conferences, or lectures
        facilitating workshops
        issues literature
        press releases
        graphic design and poster production
        AV? multi media production
        web design and security
        blog design
        database design and management
        meetup web design
        web-based meetings and house parties
        candidate research
        monitoring legislative affairs
        legislative lobbying
3.    How would your group like to use the Progressive Connection?

    Please check all of those which seem appropriate to your group.

    ___ We want to be listed in the Directory.

    ___ We are willing to update our own information in the Directory.

    ___ We would like to have a link to the LPC website on our group's website.

    ___  We would like to have a representative from our group be part of the Steering Committee for LPC.
             (Regular meetings are every couple of months; much business is conducted by email.)

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